I. dummy dum‧my 1 [ˈdʌmi] noun dummies PLURALFORM [countable]
1. MARKETING a product that is made to look like a real product and is used for testing, obtaining people's opinions etc
2. MARKETING a test advertisement or design
3. a model of a human used for showing clothes in a shop window or for testing car safety
  [m0] II. dummy dummy 2 adjective [only before a noun]
1. MARKETING a dummy product is made to look like a real one and is used for tests, getting people's opinions etc:

• 72% of the men in the group taking a dummy pill continued to lose hair.

2. ORGANIZATIONS a dummy organization is used to hide the real owner of assets, or to hide criminal activities:

• They had set up a series of dummy corporations to buy and sell 8,000 acres of useless New Mexico desert.

3. a dummy activity is used to make people think that something is happening when it is not:

• They used dummy trades to create a false impression of a more active market than really existed.

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dummy UK US /ˈdʌmi/ noun [C] (plural dummies) MARKETING
a large model of a person, especially one used to show clothes in a store: »

If you want costumes or makeup to look really good, you can put it on a dummy.

something made to look real, used especially to test people's reaction to it: »

The display case was filled with test packages and dummies to simulate the presence of food products.

dummy UK US /ˈdʌmi/ adjective [ before noun]
made to seem real: »

He created a dummy magazine to show to potential publishers.


To meet their monthly targets, salespeople placed dummy orders from friendly customers, cancelling them later.

LAW used to describe a company that is created in order to hide information, especially about who owns its assets: »

The agents set up dummy companies, acquire advanced computers, and then they quietly fold and go home, taking their hardware with them.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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